Pasture Meter Servicing

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Note: Please contact us for a quote.

We service and repair all brands of rising plate pasture meter. We have manufactured pasture meters for 16 years and these are now marketed by Jenquip. If you require new products or plate meters please click here to visit the Jenquip website.

If you require your pasture meter serviced, for electronic counter models the first step is to ensure you have checked its calibration. This causes 99% of problems and can be checked / rectified in a couple of minutes. Refer to your opreator's manual for the procedure. Operator's manuals for some common pasture meters (including all those previously sold by Jenquip) can be found on the Product Support page of the Jenquip website.

If the problem still remains, please return the complete meter to us (except the plate). This means when you receive the meter back it will be all ready to use.

Return the meter to:-

Harvester Concepts Ltd
Reid Line East
RD 5
Feilding. 4775

Ensure you have enclosed your return address, phone / email address and a brief description of the problem. If you have any questions, please phone 06 323 2509.