Hydraulic Cutter Bar

Base price: NZ$2650.00

(excl. GST, ex. factory)

Note: NZ delivery typically within three weeks.

The Hydraulic Cutter Bar can be supplied in a range of builds, including supplied with a full backbone frame or breakaway / mounting (see images above).

A bare cutter bar can be supplied ready to mount into your machine. It has facility for lightly tensioning the cutter bar to ensure it remains level.

Light (LD), medium (MD) or heavy duty (HD) cutting blades are available:

  • Light duty blades are suited to crops such as leafy lettuce, pasture, etc.

  • Medium duty blades are suited to crops such as lavender, possibly new growth rosemary and very light hedge trimming, typically 3mm branch size or less.

  • Heavy duty blades are suited to crops such as old rosemary stems or heavy hedge cutting up to 10mm branch size.

The base price is for the bare cutter bar with light or medium duty blades.

Options (all prices excl. GST, ex. factory):   Price
Heavy duty blades add NZ$341.00

Specification of the standard cutter bar:

  • Cutter bar length: 1210 mm

  • Overall length: 1500 mm

  • Engine: Char Lynn 129 0018 002 or other options

  • Oil pressure:

    • Continuous = 2030 PSI (140 Bar)

    • Intermittent = 2400 PSI (165 Bar)

  • Oil flow: approx. 10 L/m (2.64 US GPM or 2.2 Imp GPM)

  • Dry weight (inlcuding mounting arm): 9.1 kg

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