HT - Nursery

Base price: NZ$5795.00

(excl. GST, ex. factory)

Note: NZ delivery typically within three weeks.

The HT-Nursery (HT-NU) was originally manufactured for use in plant nurseries for topping seedlings (i.e. pine). However, it has found many other uses and can harvest a wide range of crops such as Mints, Lemon Verbina, Basil, Lemon Thyme, Melissa, Sage, Oregano, Stinging Nettle, Rosemary, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Spearmint, Margoram, Savory, French Tarragon etc. It can also be used for taking cuttings for growing-on.

The power head is adjusted to the cutting height required. The operator pushes the harvester forward and the power head cuts and blows the cuttings into a collection bag. The bag has a quick release frame fitted to it so when full, the frame can easily be lifted off the harvester and emptied into a bin, trailer or other bulk storage.

Available in two models: the base model with a 1200mm cutting width and a wider 1600mm cutting width model (see the 'Options' tab for more detail).

  • Adjustable cutter height from 100 to 800mm above ground level

  • 1200 or 1600mm cutting widths (see 'Options' tab for pricing)

  • Lightweight frame, zinc plated for durability

  • Easily used by one operator who can walk behind the harvester or offset in a wheel track

  • Cutting action and engine controlled from operator’s position

  • The HT - Nursery will straddle the crop and the operator can also walk in a wheel track

  • Hence no plant damage occurs allowing a second crop to grow

  • Adjustable handlebar height; allows for raised beds

  • Wheels can easily be removed allowing compact storage or transporting in a vehicle

The base price is for the HT - NU 1200 model with a 1200mm cutting width.

Options (all prices excl. GST, ex. factory):   Price
Wider 1600mm cutting width HT - NU 1600 model NZ$6030.00
  • Cutting height (cutter bar above wheel ground level): 100 mm to 800 mm in 25mm increments (or as ordered)

  • Cutting width: 1200 mm standard (1600mm optional)

  • Wheel track: 1550mm (optional 1940mm)

  • Wheel drive: none

  • Weight, dry: 49 kg (optional 54 kg)

  • Engine: Husqvarna Zenoah G4K-D 41.5cc air cooled 2-stroke gasoline engine

  • Dimensions:

    Ready to use - NU1200 model* 1620 max 1680 1240 - -
    Ready to use - NU1600 model* 2020 max 1680 1240 - -
    For freighting (on pallet) - NU1200 model - - - 1.40 103
    For freighting (on pallet) - NU1600 model - - - 1.72 108

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Harvester Concepts implements a continuous product improvement program.

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