HT - KumaP

Base price: NZ$6900.00

(excl. GST, ex. factory)

Note: NZ delivery typically within three weeks.

The HT – KumaP harvester is very versatile and can be used with a variety of crops. Its motorized trimmer cuts the crop at a preset height. The conveyor belt is also powered by the engine, transporting the cuttings up and into a collection bag.

  • Trial blocks: for cutting and collecting vegetation, the collection bag making it easy to weigh vegetation ( i.e. Pasture Trial Blocks)

  • Herb harvesting: will straddle the row, cutting the crop to a uniform height and place the trimmings into the collection bag

  • General trimming: pruning crops or shrubs to height

  • Clean-up: cutting rank grass or collecting up surplus vegetation

Also available as a self propelled model, and / or with 24V DC power to drive the cutter bar and belt (plus wheels in the case of the self propelled model).

Typical crops the HT-KumaP can harvest including Pasture Trial Blocks, Water Cress, Mints, Lemon Verbina, Basil, Lemon Thyme, Melissa, Sage, Oregano, Stinging Nettle, Rosemary, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Spearmint, Margoram, Savory, French Tarragon, Camomile Oil Extraction Plants (Horopito), and taking cuttings for propagation.

The standard power head used is the E-DX2-880. This has a 2 stroke engine and a medium duty drive line. Frame is zinc plated for durability.

  • Adjustable cutting height, adjusted at the small front wheels from 40mm to 400mm high. If a higher cutting height is required, momentarily or to stop cutting plants, simply push down on the handle bars to lift the cutter bar. Longer legs can be supplied if higher cutting heights are required

  • Cutting width is 800mm (optional cutting width of 1200mm)

  • Wheel track of approx 1130mm. The HT - KumaP will straddle the crop and the operator can also walk in a wheel track. Hence no plant damage occurs allowing a second crop to grow

  • Adjustable handlebar height; allows for raised beds. The operator can walk directly behind the harvester or walk offset in a wheel track. The adjustment allows the harvester to be set to best advantage for the operator. Engine throttle is activated from the operators position

  • Conveyor belt is a heavy duty horticultural type which can easily be cleaned. It is engine driven but only drives when the engine is revved up

  • Frame is fully zinc plated for low maintenance

  • Wheels have quick release pins allowing compact storage or easy transporting in a vehicle

The base price is for the HT - KumaP800 model with an 800mm cutting width.

Options (all prices excl. GST, ex. factory):   Price
Wider 1200mm cutting width HT - KumaP1200 model NZ$8560.00
HT-KP800-BD drive line complete with 4 stroke engine NZ$7690.00
HT-KP1200-BD drive line complete with 4 stroke engine NZ$8814.00
24v DC powered cutterbar HT - Kuma - 24VDC model Please enquire
24v DC self propelled option (cutterbar still engine driven) HT - Kuma - SP model add NZ$3500.00
Full 24V DC powered self propelled model (no engine) HT - Kuma - 24VDC - SP model Please enquire
In feed reel add NZ$730.00
Recrate collection bins in 45 or 75 sizes (download PDF of recrate sizes) NZ$60.00
Optional bin holder add NZ$240.00
Spare or empty bin holder Please enquire
Wind cover and side wind shields Please enquire
High rise model
Longer legs can be supplied allowing the HT - KumaP to cut up to 820mm above ground level, or with reel fitted up to 705mm to
795mm above ground level depending on reel height above cutter bar. Longer extending fingers are also supplied with this option.
add NZ$200.00
High speed model Please enquire
  • Cutting height (cutter bar above wheel ground level): 40mm to 400mm (optional high rise models available)

  • Cutting width: 800mm standard (1200mm optional)

  • Wheel track: 1130mm (optional 1425mm)

  • Wheel drive: none (self-propelled option available)

  • Belt speed: n/a

  • Weight, dry: 51Kg

  • Collecting bin / bag: recrate 47 or 75 bins

  • Engine: Husqvarna Zenoah GZ26S (used to be Komatsu Zenoah) 22.5cc air cooled 2 stroke gasoline engine

  • Dimensions:

    Ready to use - P800 model* 1390 2350 - - -
    Ready to use - P1200 model* 1780 2350 - - -
    For freighting (on pallet) - P800 model - - - 1.83 120
    For freighting (on pallet) - P1200 model - - - 2.6 150

    * over wheels & control handle; crop lifters extend length to 2870mm.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Harvester Concepts implements a continuous product improvement program.

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