HT - Harvester

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If you have hedges, a larger garden or a commercial operation then The HT - Harvester is for you. It will give quick, pleasing results, at the same time taking the hard work out of the job.

The HT - Harvester consists of a motorised hedge trimmer (power head) mounted through a multi position bracket to a support frame. The frame is mounted on wheels and has a fully adjustable control handle. The operator pushes the machine along, can remotely throttle the power head and can easily regulate cutting position to suit requirements. The end of the cutterbar is protected by a 'foot'.

The frame is zinc plated for durability and no spanners are required for assembly or adjustment. Quick releases allow the wheels to be easily removed and the control handle folds within the frame for transport or storage — neat and compact. One pin allows the power head to be removed from its mounting frame, enabling the handle to be refitted and the unit used as a standard hedge trimmer for trimming awkward areas.

There is an optional hedge trimming attachment (mast) available for the HT - Harvester that allows it to trim vertically up to 3 metres (10 ft) and top hedges 2.5 metres (8 ft) high.

There are three main configurations:

  • Power head mounted horizontally in the frame: Can cut down to ground level and up to 580 mm (23") high. Blade length is 750 mm (30") allowing bulky crops such as lavender or rosemary to be easily cut

  • Power Head mounted vertically or at an angle: For border trimming, the sides of shrubs or low hedges can be cut or pruned, whilst cutting at an angle is often an advantage, providing a better shape for plant growth and is also more pleasing to the eye. The power head is fitted with a foot on the end of the cutter bar, which acts as a skid allowing the operator to cut right down to ground level whilst also picking up lower branches and guiding them over the cutter bar. This configuration can be used over weed matting and with the control handle the operator has fine control over cutting height. The HT - Harvester can trim the boarders of shrubs, bushes or hedges from ground level up to 1.55 metres (5 ft) high in 2 stages. Nice straight edges or curved boarders are easily trimmed.

  • Power Head mounted on the optional mast: For hedge trimming this allows the HT - Harvester to trim vertically up to 3 metres (10 ft) and top hedges 2.5 metres (8 ft) high. The kit consists of an aluminium mast and fittings to mount the power head, an extension control handle and a ballast holder and bottles. The mast attaches firmly to the main frame. Camlock adjustment allows quick positioning of the power head. Water ballast can be added to ensure a very stable work platform even when working at 3 metres high. Although not essential, the extension control handle may be used when cutting at such heights to give finer control over the cutting.

The base price is for the base model.

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Hedge trimming mast add NZ$496.00

The power head used is the E-7B1-750. Frame zinc plated for durability.

  • Cutter bar length: 750 mm, balanced double reciprocating cutter blades

  • Wheel track: 1335 mm (outside); 1105 mm (inside frame)

  • Overall width: 1450 mm (outside); 1380 mm (w/ballast, no power head fitted)

  • Engine: Kawasaki 22.5cc

  • Dimensions:

    Ready to use - - - - -
    For freighting (not including pallet)* 1100 1300 300 0.43 19

    * additional dimensions if including hedge trimming mast: mast length = 2300 mm, mast weight = 4kg.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Harvester Concepts implements a continuous product improvement program.

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