HT - Aqua

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Note: Under development.

Another example of a research project.

In this case it is an underwater harvester. The crop (Dropwart) is grown in 300mm deep water and the harvester cuts it 100mm off the bottom.

This project is just being trialled by the customer.

In operation, the HT - Aqua is started and pushed forward about 400mm into the crop. It is then throttled back. The operator inserts his hands into the top of the crop at about the “cut line” and pulls the cuttings rearwards into the basket. The basket is then tilted backwards, removed and emptied onto the tray area where the cuttings are bundled. This is repeated then the operator carries the two bundles of cuttings to a pontoon or transport at the edge of the lagoon.

Click on the button below to download a copy of the operator’s manual. Please contact us if you’d prefer a replacement copy to be sent by post.