Electric Cutter Bars

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Note: NZ delivery typically within three weeks.

Electric cutter bars are ideal for where noise or fumes may be a problem or for intermittent operation. The electric cutter bars have found wide spread use in tunnel or glass houses.

The standard electric cutter bar uses a 24 Volt DC brushed motor and has a cutting length of 1200mm. The motor is continuously rated.

The electric cutter bar is available in a range of builds including various voltages, lengths, mounts and either supplied separately or incorporated into one of our harvesters.

Uses include harvesting organic grown crops, virtually every type of leafy salad crop and topping crops.

Electric cutter bars can be custom built to suit the customer’s application. They are also available with the following options:

  • Various length cutter bars
  • Mounting brackets, with our without a break away (safety feature in case the cutter bar strikes a fixed object)
  • Various voltages
  • Where ground clearance is an issue we can supply the BD (Bottom Drive) gearbox fitted with the electric motor

The standard specifications for the electric cutter bar are:

  • Cutter bar length: 1200mm, medium tooth size

  • Motor: 24 VDC brushed motor, continuously rated. 250W, 13 Amp

  • Weight (typical): 10.0 kg

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