Custom Engineering

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Harvester Concepts can provide custom engineering solutions based on many years of experience in research and development, prototyping, problem solving and maintenance services. Product development is our speciality, and we’ll always guarantee that your enquiry will dealt with on a strictly confidential basis.

So if you have a specific project in mind, whether it’s fully detailed and worked out, or you want to just throw some ideas around, we’re more than happy to give you our opinion.

Below (and in the images) are some examples of our work.

Compost mixer

A custom job consulting on requirements, renovating second hand parts, building some new parts, installation and commissioning. See pictures above showing the installation and detail of the mixer stand.

Hydraulic power pack

This power pack was built for a specific application. Although the back pack is small and lightweight, it has the capability of supplying high pressure oil very quickly for a small period of time. In this application (similar to “Jaws of Life” ) the power pack was only operated intermittently.

If the appliance is continuously operated, the speed will drop, but operating force will be maintained. This power pack utilises a small accumulator, but has special circuitry to maintain pressure and achieve the results the customer required.

We still have this prototype power pack if you wish to try it in any application you might have. See pictures above showing detail of the power pack.