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Choosing a Harvester

The following notes may help you select the right harvester to meet your requirements.

  1. Firstly, decide which broad type your crops fall into:

    Low Cut, Medium Cut, Bush Type or Special Purpose.

  2. Once you have decided which crop type you have, the links and charts below will assist you in selecting the correct harvester.

    The links will show you all the harvesters in that category in more detail, along with some of the crops they can harvest. In most cases, the harvesters can be used on many more crops, but we cannot list them all.

    Starting with our Low Cut Harvesters, we have a range of harvesters available within this category. The comparison chart to the right may help you select the harvester best suited to your needs.

    Some customers may have several different crop types but can only justify one harvester. Some harvesters have options allowing them to span more than one crop type. If in doubt, please ask us for our recommendation.

    Choosing a harvester - Low Cut models

      HT - Salad HT - Shaver models
    Comparisons:   FB BD 24VDC
    Low weight (2 Person Lift)    
    Easy storage      
    Raise above crop for transport     *
    Handlebar towbar      
    Handle wet crop  
    Blow clippings into bags      
    Rear wheels outside plant bed     *
    Tunnel house use    
    Harvest cuttings above 180 mm long  
    Heavy duty components    
    1200 cutting width
    1600 cutting width   * *
    Other cutting width options     *
    *on some options        
  3. Once you think you have selected the harvester to suit your needs please make sure it is suitable for your crops by using the dimension chart below. This ensures the harvester will span your row or bed and will actually fit down the row or bed without damaging adjacent crops.

  4. If you require a quote or are in doubt, please use the forms within the Contact centre to ask us.

Harvester dimensions diagram

Model A B C D E F G
HT - Shaver - FB 950 1040 1685       365
HT - Shaver - BD 1378 1410 1570       165
HT - KumaP800 1080 1125 1340 1015      
HT - KumaP1200 1380 1425 1570 1395      
HT - Tom1210 1340 1420 1700 1600 160 330  
HT - NU1200   1550 1620        
HT - NU1600   1940 2020        

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