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About Harvester Concepts

Harvester Concepts is a family-owned engineering business based in the heart of Manawatu region in the lower half of New Zealand's North Island. The products and services offered by Harvester Concepts were originally sold under the Jenquip brand alongside a range of feed budgeting tools and electric fencing equipment for pastoral farmers.

The two parts of the business were separated in 2013 following the sale of the Jenquip brand and the agricultural product portfolio to NZ Agriworks. This allowed original owners Merv George and his wife Jenny to focus on continuing to design, build and develop their extensive range of herb harvesters under a new name — Harvester Concepts.

The business employs three workers and began operation under the Jenquip banner in 1997, with the first herb harvester built in 2002. Since that time, Merv and Jenny's herb harvesters have developed a loyal following, with customers all around the world and new models developed as needed to meet the requirements of small crop growers.

“Any product added to the range undergoes stringent testing
to ensure it's as robust, reliable and easy to use as customers have come to expect.”

– Merv George, Director

Maintaining these standards is extremely important to the team at Harvester Concepts, and although the product range is primarily targeted at the horticultural sector, the custom engineering service caters for bespoke one-off design and engineering projects for customers in any industry. Get in touch if you think Harvester Concepts might be able to help.

“It's our policy to make placing orders and getting answers to questions as easy as possible,
so if this website doesn't answer your queries, please do get in touch.”

– Jenny George, Director

Pricing policy

All our prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars unless specified otherwise, and exclude GST, equivalent local taxes and import duties. These vary from country to country and we do not know the relevant duties.

Duty is often zero but can be significant and vary from country to country, so please contact your customs agency to find out the rates for your region. Duty is often zero, but can be significant, so please check with your local customs agent before ordering.

Follow the link for more detail on shipping rates.


Environmental Policy

Harvester Concepts recycles wherever possible, especially packaging. As a last resort, we dispose of surpluses in the most environmentally-friendly way. Harvester Concepts has a small farm and has its own forests.


Terms and Conditions

All customer information is kept strictly confidential by Harvester Concepts. Harvester Concepts will not divulge, share or sell customer information.

Follow the link to see full details of the Harvester Concepts Terms and Conditions.



If you have a small order and wish to pay by Visa or Mastercard credit card please advise us. If possible, we will recommend payment by Paypal which is easy and secure.



“We hope you don’t have any complaints but if you do, we want to be the first to hear. Please contact us promptly so we can rectify the situation.”

– Keith Brown, Director

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